Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Search For Perfection...

Hello fitness geeks! LOL! Just kidding! But hey, I'm a fitness geek, too! That's one name I'll gladly be called! :) How's 2011 so far? How have your fitness journeys been going? Are you still in it to win it? Eating healthy and exercising regularly? Or have you slacked off a bit? Come on, be truthful with me and yourselves, there's no shame in admitting if you have. Everyone gets off track from time to time, the important thing is recognizing it and getting right back on the road again! In no time you'll be hitting goals and making accomplishments that will keep you on the road to success for good! Don't get discouraged, get encouraged! YOU CAN DO THIS!  And to the ones who have been faithful to their new healthy lifestyles, a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to you! I'm sure by now you're seeing some results that make it all worth it! Not only that, but when you're eating better and exercising regularly, you feel better, physically as well as mentally. I'm sure your self esteem is up and I personally find exercise to be a big stress reliever so your mind has got to be clear. The advantages to a healthy lifestyle just keep going and going so keep it up!

(What is
"perfect" anyway?)
I've been thinking about what to make this blog post about for awhile now and as always, conversations that I've had or heard inspire me. This blog post will be short but sweet. I've said it before but I think it bears repeating: STOP SEARCHING FOR PERFECTION. No one is perfect. I know you've probably heard this preached to you again and again, you may even be tired of hearing at this point, but I still don't think it truly has sunk in. We all have different bodies... male, female, tall, short, thin, thick, athletic, husky, curvy, straight... etc, etc. There's a good chance that in a room of 50 people you wouldn't find 2 bodies that are exactly alike. So why is it that we look at other people in person, on tv, or in a magazine, and expect to look like that particular person? Sometimes it just isn't possible and it's as simple as that. I'm not saying that you can't work to make your body the best it can be, but the key words in that sentence are "your body". Everyone's body is different. I'll admit, I'm guilty of this, too. I probably have around 30 or 40 fitness videos and I sometimes find myself looking at each one, searching for the girl that I would most like to look like, or even buying a particular video for the soul reason that I like the way that instructor looks, thinking that if I do her workout, maybe my body can look like hers. It sounds a little pathetic but all of us do it. It's even okay to think that way - up until a point. The point has been crossed when we find ourselves getting frustrated or mad at ourselves when we see our bodies not looking like the photo or person we admired. If we're working hard and doing the best we can, we should just be proud of what we're accomplishing, not getting upset over comparisons.

No matter what size, I AM ENOUGH.
Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and whether we look like the next supermodel, bodybuilder, actress or singer, is the small stuff. A healthy body comes in many different forms, there's no clear cut model for it. Love the skin you're in and stop searching perfection because not only is no one "perfect", but no matter what size jeans you fit in, YOU'RE ENOUGH (good enough, pretty enough, fit enough, smart enough... etc.) JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

Your Friend In Fitness,
Jonelle (a.k.a - "Fit Girl")

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