Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD of Your Choice" Giveaway‏

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!! If you're reading this post, you're probably either a subscriber to this blog or a fan of Succeed At Fitness, either way, THANKS! And to show my gratitude I'm holding a giveaway. This giveaway will run from Wednesday May 2nd until the following Wednesday May 9th, ending 12AM Eastern Time (11PM Central).

The rules are simple:
  1. Must "Like" the Succeed At Fitness Facebook page:
    (if you already "like" the page this step is done!)
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post giving your FB (Facebook) name and stating which Kelly Coffey-Meyer workout from the 5 choices below that you would like to win and why. Only 1 comment per person will be counted so please only comment once.
That's it! Pretty easy right? I will count the comments left on this post and randomly select a winner. It's a numbers game and truly random, so for example, if the number chosen happens to be 5 and you made the 5th comment, then you're the winner!  I'll leave a comment on this blog, as well as announce on the S.A.F Facebook page who the winner is. I'll also be contacting the winner privately to get their contact information so I can send them their chosen KCM dvd. I'm going to try and send it directly from but either way (whether it comes from or from me), it will be a BRAND NEW, UNOPENED DVD! :)

Kelly Coffey Meyer DVD Choices:
  1. 30-Minutes to Fitness: TLC: Train Like a Contender
  2. 30 Minutes To Fitness: Weights Workout
  3. 30-Minutes to Fitness Your Best Body
  4. 30 Minutes To Fitness: Circuit Burn
  5. 30-Minutes to Fitness Step Boxing

I have all 5 of the dvds so I can testify to their effectiveness. Kelly is an AWESOME instructor and no matter which one you choose you're in for a great work! To learn more about Kelly Coffey Meyers and the workouts above, check out the S.A.F Monthly Fav for April.

(The only workout I don't mention is "Your Best Body" and that's only because I hadn't tried it out yet at the time that I wrote the article, but you can always go to Kelly's site ( to find out more about each dvd.)


  1. Hi I already like you on Facebook! My name is Daybelis Garcia and out of all these 5 DVDs I would love the circuit burn one. I love circuit workouts because of how fast yet effective the workout turns out to be.Thank you for a great giveaway!

  2. I do like you on FB and I would love to win 30-Minutes to Fitness Step Boxing because I love KCM and would love to try a new workout by her.

  3. mommy_223@hotmail.comMay 2, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    Hi i liked you on facebook my name is amber and i would love to win 30-Minutes to Fitness Your Best Body i love kcm she rocks her workouts always keep coming back for more thank you for the giveaway!!

  4. I "Liked" your FB page. My name: Anita Sandoval. I would love to have Stepboxing. It's the only one of the 5 DVDs you're giving away that I DON'T have! I think Kelly's AWESOME and would love to add that to my 30MTF library! :)

  5. Hi I'm Nicole H and I am already subscribed here and on Facebook. I would love to try one of Kelly's workouts because you have been a responsible source of information and you are always stoked after you try them. I've been trying to map out a home routine(I work from home) so that I have absolutely no excuse not to work out! It's hard to choose which I'd want more but I guess I'd have to say the Best Body DVD just because I get the impression it addresses the body as a whole. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I am Erica Blair-Dueck and I of course like your page! I would be happy winning any of these dvds, ugh I can't pick. Since you asked us to pick one I will says the weights workout but really any of these would be an amazing workout!

  7. Hello... My name is Felicia Wright... I lost over 100 lbs with the Lapband after many years of trying to do it myself. I am proud of my decision and proud of my weight loss. I would like to win the circuit burn because I have found that that is the best way to confuse your body and burn more calories even after the workout... Best wishes to everyone but I really hope I win... Thanks for the contest!!

  8. I entered yesterday but I don't see my post, so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

    It's Erica Hughes, I liked you on FB some time ago, and I am interested in trying the TLC DVD. I get all of my healthy eating/fitness tips from your blog so if you recommend KCM, I am very interested in trying her out.

  9. my name is Teresa i would like to win the 30-Minutes to Fitness: Train Like a Contender I would love to try a new workout by her.


      Please contact me in order for me to get your address info. so that I can buy and mail out your dvd of choice: 30-Minutes to Fitness: Train Like a Contender.

      You can contact me by messaging either the Succeed At Fitness page: or messaging me directly on Facebook: Thanks!

  10. Hi, my name is Beverly, I am almost 57 years old and I follow your Facebook page daily...and I have to tell you that I love are an inspiration!!! I don't have a preference as to which CD I would get...just need one to get back on the wagon. Last year I lost 60 pounds on WW and have held my own for the past 8 or 9 months...I need to get back on and drop the last 50 that I have left hanging around. This time I am doing it the healthy way...after 2 weight losss surgeries...healthy and fit are the only way!!! I was running last year when I was losing weight, so I need something that will get me back and motivated to finish my goal!!! Again..thanks for the motivation and the insight!!! <3

  11. My name is Wendy and i come from Australia. I have already liked this page and look for to the information, ideas and motivational messages i receive everyday. I have watched the intro to all the KCM DVDs and would love any of them. You are right, she is fantastic. On a single income i can not afford to buy one and would love to win one. I still have 30 kilo's to lose and i am looking for an excellent routine i can do everyday. i would love the 30-Minutes to Fitness Step Boxing as i love boxing and want to get rid of my tuckshop arms.

  12. Hi! My fb name is Sakina Crocker. I didn't realize you had a fb page so yay! I checked out Kelly's site and I'd love to try the Your Best Body DVD. I love doing cardio and then weight lifting so I think this would be perfect for me. Thanks for the consideration!

  13. I'd like to win Your Best Body because I want my body to be the best it can be! :) FB: Chelsea Elizabeth


  14. I am Sheila Elston Khan on facebook. I would love to own 30 Minutes To Fitness: Circuit Burn...Kelly is my new addiction!

  15. Good morning! My name is Barbara Falcone and I would LOVE to win the "Your Best Body" dvd! Have a truly blessed day :).

  16. I follow your page daily. I am currently on Weight Watchers and I walk and go to Zumba, when I can. I run my own daycare, so daily exercise is tough for me. I would like to try "Step Boxing" DVD. Thanks so much.

  17. Hello, I liked your page a few months ago & I've loved it ever since. My Facebook name is Cutina HighPockets Warner. I would absolutely love to win Kelley's 30 Minutes To Fitness: Weights Workout... My friends know me as a cardio junkie with very little weight training. I am looking to increase my strength training & I believe this DVD would be a perfect fit. Thank you for doing this giveaway & keep up the phenomenal inspiration.

  18. Hi my name is Erin DeWolfe. I have been a fan of your page and its so motivating. I would love the circut burn video. I have been working out for a year and lost 75 lbs I still have about 50 to go and would love a new workout to change it up. Thanks.

  19. The giveaway is now officially over! I'll post the winner over at the Succeed At Fitness Facebook page next week!

  20. Randomly picked (by way of, the winner of the "Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD of Your Choice" Giveaway is comment #9 written by Teresa. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Please contact me in order for me to get your address info. so that I can buy and mail out your dvd of choice: 30-Minutes to Fitness: Train Like a Contender.You can contact me by messaging either the Succeed At Fitness page: or messaging me directly on Facebook: Thanks!

    Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winner!!! :)