Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Top 10 Workout DVDs

Hey fit people! For all my followers in the states, I hope you all are having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! :) I know I am, I so needed the 3 day break! As some of you know, I've been on a vegetarian diet all year and this will be my first Memorial Day that I can remember without meat!!! I can do it, of that I have no doubt, but I used to love me some BBQ so it might be hard! :)

Wow, this is my 4th post of the month, can you believe it?!? I know that may not be a lot for some but for this blogger, that's A LOT! And those of you who actually follow this blog can attest to that. I got a request on Facebook from a Succeed At Fitness "liker" (or is it "fan"? I'm not sure what the proper term is nowadays...) to list some of my top workout dvds, and of course I said sure, so I thought I might as well do a Confessions of a Fit Girl blog post on it. Now giving a list of my top workout dvds is going to be a little hard because I have a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of workout dvds. I'm going to try and narrow it down to 10 but I may have to throw in a few extra here and there because there are a few favorite fitness instructors of mine whose videos I have tons of! So are you ready to do this? LET'S GO!!!

Top 10 Workout DVDs
(although I've numbered them, the number given to a particular dvd/workout program is not in any order of preference)

1. DVD: "30 Minutes To Fitness: Circuit Burn", Instructor: Kelly Coffey-Meyer
As most of you know by now, I just discovered Ms. Meyer this year, but I am in love with her workouts! In fact, in the short time that I've started doing them I've built up a collection of 7 already (and I'm constantly on the lookout for more). She's become my main "go to girl" and I find myself doing one of her workouts almost everyday that I choose to workout. I truly believe she's taken my body to a whole new level! And I credit her for the shape that my body is in today, which is fit, lean, and strong! Now as you may have guessed, it was hard for me to choose just one KCM workout but if I had to choose I would pick "Circuit Burn". Circuit Burn, in my opinion, is that perfect mix of high-impact cardio and strength! With two 30 minute workouts, plus a bunch of premixes, all you need is a little energy (only a little is needed, the workout and Kelly's enthusiasm will give you more as you go) and some dumbbells and you're ready to go! I guarantee you will have an AWESOME WORKOUT! As I mentioned above, so far I have found that all of Kelly's workouts give you "premixes" as well which are kinda like bonus workouts that mix different segments of the original 30 minute workouts, sometimes adding extra cardio and/or dumbbell drills in as well. That's a plus because it's like you're getting more bang for your buck! If you're looking for a great all around KCM workout to start with, I definitely recommend Circuit Burn!

2. DVD: "Turbo Fire", Instructor: Chalene Johnson
This list would never be complete without the Turbo Queen herself, Mrs. Chalene Johnson! I love Chalene and I love Turbo Fire, her latest in Turbo dvd series. Turbo Fire consists of many, many workouts and I could never choose just one of them so I'm naming the workout program "Turbo Fire" as a whole as one of my top workout dvds. Now if you want to learn more about Turbo Fire, just check out the Turbo Fire website, or you can even read more about what I think of this wonderful program on the Succeed At Fitness website, it last year's October Fav of the Month. What I will tell you here is that if you're looking for a super fun workout that feels like more like your at a gym inside of a club rather than a generic building in a strip mall, with awesome music, killer plyometrics, killer cardio, strength training, and ab/core work all balled up into one, Turbo Fire is the program for you! If you're say a Turbo Jam lover, YOU'VE GOTTA' TRY TURBO FIRE! Chalene takes it to a whole new, higher level! So go ahead, feel the FIYAAAAAAAH!!!!!! LOL! :)

3. DVD: "Turbo Jam", Instructor: Chalene Johnson
Now speaking of Turbo Jam, you know that's gotta' make the list. Another one of those that I have WAY TOO MANY individual dvds to name a particular dvd as one of the top 10, I'm counting Turbo Jam - the workout program/workouts in general - as one. Turbo Jam was really the start of it all for me. It was the first Beachbody program I ever tried, and the first set of workouts that took me to a higher level of fitness. Turbo Jam proved that exercise doesn't have to be "boring" in any sense of the word! First of all, as with Turbo Fire, the music in all of the Turbo Jam workouts, is awesome! And there some plyometrics, excellent cardio, strenght training, ab/core work... all of the same attributes as Turbo Fire except at a slightly lower level. I would personally recommend starting with Turbo Jam before moving on to Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam is where you can learn the moves and get used to the whole Turbo vibe. And let's say you already have Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam are still some great dvds to add to your collection because you get even MORE TURBO!!! :)

4. DVD: "Power Sculpt", Instructor: The FIRM, Master Instructor: Allie Del Rio Pointer
Looking for a super short but effective, body toning workout? Check out "Power Sculpt". It's only 20 minutes and great to do on those days where you want to tone but don't have a lot of time. I have a lot of The FIRM's workouts, but I find myself reaching for this short, little workout more times than not whenever I decide to do a FIRM workout. Power Sculpt comes with The FIRM's Sculpting Stick Pro which is 9lbs and takes the place of dumbbells as one weighted bar that you use to trim and tone your biceps, triceps and shoulders. You also work your back, chest, hips, thighs, butt, and abs. This workout means business! I definitely recommend it!

(Don't know anything about The FIRM? Check out this page from their website. They've been around for a long time and any of their dvds would make a great addition to any woman's at home workout dvd collection.)

5. DVD: "Total Body Toner", Instructor: The FIRM, Master Instructor: Allie Del Rio Pointer
Speaking of The FIRM, I'll add another one to the mix, taught by the same instructor who leads "Power Sculpt", Allie Del Rio Pointer gives you a 40 minute total body workout that really helps tone and melt the inches away. Dumbbells are needed but remember, when using weights, ALWAYS work with the weight size(s) that best suit you for each particular exercise. What I like about this workout is that it's straight to the point, no thrills, just good ol' fashion strength training. Sorry, but if you hate lunges, squats, dips and pushups, you'll hate this one, but I would still encourage you to buy it because usually the exercises you really hate or the ones you really need. :)

6. DVD: "Kettlebell Bootcamp", Instructor: Angie Miller

Let's the keep the weight lifting/strength training ball rolling and move on to my favorite kettlebell workout of all time: Kettlebell Bootcamp with Angie Miller! This was the first workout I ever bought from Angie Miller, in fact, I'd never even heard of Angie Miller before, but by the end of this workout she made me a believer in not only her abilities as an instructor, but the power of the kettlebell! Whether you've never touched a kettlebell in your life, beginner, intermediate, advanced... she's got ya' covered! I don't do it often, but kettlebell workouts are powerful! Weight lifting and cardio all in one and ALL AT ONE TIME!!! Kettlebell training works your legs and, surprisingly, your abs, like nobody's business! Not to mention your arms of course. When I first started using this dvd, I started out using a 5lb kettlebell, I've now moved on to a 10lb one. I love it! And you should go get it!

 7. DVD: "30 Minutes To Fitness: TLC (Train Like A Contender)", Instructor: Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Kelly Coffey-Meyer again! I told you guys I'm lovin' her right about now, and this one is one of my favorites. If you like the idea of boxing for fitness, GET THIS! And even if you've never even thought of boxing as a form of exercise, GET THIS! Train Like A Contender is the name and as she says in the dvd, you've never seen a contender boxer out of shape, have you? I don't think so! When competing, boxers have to be in top shape, and if they train anything like she's training us in this dvd I now know why they have such good bodies! There are two 30 minute workouts with some additional premixes. Equipment needed? None! Equipment recommended? 1lb weighted gloves. And let me tell you, it may only be 1lb, but boy do you feel it when you use them! Looking to tone and build muscle in your arms? Want some additional leg work as well? Ready to take out some pent up frustration? TLC is what you want.

8. DVD: "Simply Step: Classic Moves, Cardio Endurance", Instructor: Gin Miller
Okay, now let's get to stepping! This is the first step workout I ever bought and I still love it. Now I won't lie to you, while this dvd gives you the opportunity to learn some basic step moves, follow some simple routines and achieve a great workout, this is one LOOOONG workout! It's 60 minutes long - warm up, workout and cool down/ slow strech combined. It was built with building your cardio endurance in mind and it doesn't disappoint so I really can't complain, just don't do this on a day when you don't have a lot of time! Oh, and while this was one of my first Gin Miller workouts, I soon found out by doing just a little digging that I couldn't have chosen a better person to begin stepping with, Gin Miller is the stepping queen and has MANY step workouts! I'd recommend this workout whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced stepper because as all of you steppers out there know, all you have to do in order to advance your level is raise your step platform height. Higher level = higher burn. I have to admit, I originally didn't get the whole step craze. I thought it was an exercise of the 1980s and why would anyone still be doing it now? That just goes to show you how much I didn't know because I soon found out that stepping works your body like crazy! Want those killer legs? Looking for a butt lift? Try stepping! You'll soon find out, just like I did, that stepping is not just an '80s craze but it's an awesomely effective workout that's here to stay!

9. DVD: "The FIRM Express: Get Thin In 30", Instructor: The FIRM Master Instructors
Yes, it's the FIRM again. Their newest workout program to date: The FIRM Express. Until this set of workouts I never relied on The FIRM to give me the cardio that I need. They've always had cardio workouts but nothing that really impressed me. Can't say that anymore! Only 20 minutes a piece, these workouts give you all the fat burning cardio needed to achieve ultimate results! And since they're only 20 minutes, I often do two at one time, one right after the other. I did a blog post all about the new FIRM Express dvds a while back, click here to read it now.

10. DVD: "Walk At Home", Instructor: Leslie Sansone
Last but certainly not least is the woman who will always have a place in my heart and a space in my dvd cabinet: Leslie Sansone! I love this woman! Really, I do! She is the woman who started it all for me! What is "it" you may ask? "It" is my love affair with exercise. Her Walk At Home dvds were my first experience with working out at home, period! And she made me start to really LIKE TO WORKOUT! What a concept! Before her, I hated exercising. People who know me now would never believe it, but it's true! Her workouts were just so easy and her personality is just so engaging, fun, light hearted, bubbly... Lesilie is just an all around sweetheart! And while her workouts are pretty easy (you're just walking! simple as that!), you do get a truly effective workout! She has certain moves that she does that work you way more than a walk around the block would, she also uses hand and ankle weights at times and I still buy some of her new workouts to this day because she is continually getting better and better, and more and more challenging for us walker vets.  Little known fact, I lost 57lbs just on her workouts alone! How's THAT for an endorsement? :) Couldn't pick a favorite Leslie Sansone workout in particular to name as one of my top workout dvds, so I just give you Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home workouts as a whole. To learn more about Leslie, go to her Walk At Home website. And you already should know she was a Succeed At Fitness Fav of the Month. Check her out!

So that's it! My top 10 workout dvds! Hope you found some you may have never heard of or thought about and try them out. If you do, leave a comment and let me know what you think. And if you're a fan of any of the ones mention, please leave a comment as well! Have a great day! :)


  1. My favorite is Circuit Burn.

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    1. No problem, you are most welcome! :) Glad I could help out!

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