Sunday, December 9, 2012

What Inspires YOU? Giveaway

Hey fitness friends! As promised, as a thank you for the OVER 4,100 LIKES of my Succeed At Fitness Facebook page, I'm holding a giveaway! I truly appreciate all the love & support that has been shown in the short time (just 2 years) that the page has existed. As I've said before, I remember when the page only had one like: me! Facebook reaches a lot of people and I'm happy to be able to have the opportunity to spread encouragement & motivation about health & fitness to so many people! I want to thank all of you for making my vision of helping others on a large scale come true! And it's not over, the best is yet to come!

The Giveaway Prize
("What do I win?")

There will be 3 lucky winners! The prize is a FREE copy of my (PDF) eBook, "Confessions Of A Fit Girl... How I Lost Over 90 Pounds and Kept It Off!"  This book is filled with encouragement, motivation, fitness & nutrition tips... and more! This book does not disappoint!

Click the following link below to read reviews from others who have bought and enjoyed the book so far: Confessions Of A Fit Girl eBook Reviews
The Rules ("What do I have to do to win?")
  1. Make sure that you are a fan of the Facebook page - which means, if you're on Facebook and haven't "liked" the page yet, go ahead and push that like button.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me and others WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE? And if you're just starting your health/weight loss journey, let me know what inspires you to want to live a healthy lifestyle. It can be a person, place or thing, but I want to know what's your inspiration.

Please leave one comment only! The giveaway will last for one week - the last day to leave a comment will be December 17, 2012. After that, I will count all the comments and using, I will randomly select 3 comments. (If you're comment number is one of the numbers chosen, you win! It's that easy!)  I will contact the winners, asking for their email addresses, and I will email them the book. All I ask is that after reading the book, you contact me and let me know what you think of the book because I would love to use your reviews on the book's website page.

So... what are you waiting for? Leave a comment below letting me know...


  1. I am inspired as a Stage 3A melanoma survivor to get my life into the best shape ever! I feel I have dodged a bullet twice (once with the melanoma and again when I almost died due to adverse reactions to treatment.) I need to respect my body and eat and exercise in healthy ways to enable my body to fight this diesase. I was 302 about 5 years ago, now down 45 pounds. Discovered an underlying endocrine issue that made losing weight very difficult but now that it has been addressed, I am seeing the results I deserve!!!! :)

  2. As a single mother of 3, I am inspired by being able to play with my kids without my asthma acting up or me getting tired quickly. My children inspire me because they are very active and love to run, wrestle and play ball. If I don't continue with my weight loss journey, I cant actively participate in different activities with them.

  3. I am a 36 year old marry mother of 1 very athletic teenager. I have always fought my Diabetes diagnosis. I excepted it to a point but some days I just didn't care. I had Lap band surgery, however that helped for a little bit; because it's your brain and thoughts that get in the way. My husband and son have inspired me. My husband has been having some health problems but that has not stopped him from taking care of himself and joining a gym. With my son and husband behind me I have started working out 6 days a week doing cardio. I am doing the couch to 5K running program so I can learn to run. I just joined the gum last week so I plan on doing weights two days a week and taking some classes they offer. Even though my new found inspiration just started I plan on keeping it and working to get in shape and off my insulin I take at night. Also my husband pushes me out the door with them when I don't feel like going. Which has helped me so much. I also want to say that this website as well as your Facebook page has helped me a lot. You have also inspired so many people. :)

  4. GOD inspires me in all thing I have learned if I am healthier I feel better and when I feel better I am more open and out going and confident..I have been up and down with my weight since I had my child but a few years ago I quit smokeing and started eating alot of the wrong things and then a year after that my husband died of a massive heart attack and I ate even more I have lost about 25 lbs since then very slowly but I am now going to do my best with your support and GODs will to lose another 30 lbs and do it by learning to be active and heathy..

  5. I am inspired to become emotionally and physically healthy. I have devoted the past 17 years of my life to taking care of my daughter, while neglecting myself. While I have no regrets, I do have 60 unwanted pounds!!!! I am ready for a healthy lifestyle change, not the quick fixes that keep putting me back at square one!!!!

  6. As the very busy mom of 2 kids I often put myself last. My oldest has Down syndrome and heart condition (repaired thankfully but still monitored) plus a teenage daughter(and we know how pleasant that can be), I work full-time, assist in the care of my elderly parents (father has Parkinson's Disease), take care of everything around the house, write a blog and volunteer in the community. A year ago I decided I need to get healthy to keep up with all I do and want to do so I started running and working out. I am not at the level of weightloss and fitness I want yet but looking at all the reasons WHY I do it keeps me inspired.

  7. I am at a crossroad in life. After turning 50, my body has started to change health-wise. I can either choose to be fit and healthy, or do nothing and watch my health decline. I have osteoarthritis and I NOW appreciate all those days that I walked healthy and did not get on the treadmill!!! This is MY WAKE-UP CALL to GET IT TOGETHER! :)

  8. What gets me moving?... No doubt my kids and the wonderful life I want to provide for them. But at this time I want to do something for myself. I want to feel like a diamond in the rough for once and then with that show my children how wonderful ones life can truely be. I know how to, now its time to do it. No more waiting b/c no one can get in my way to true happiness.

  9. THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER! Thanks to those who entered! I will announce the winners on this blog as well as on the Succeed At Fitness Facebook page tomorrow! Thanks again!


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    #7 - Sonja G

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