Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hey fit friends! New post for July! Thought I'd better get 'em in while I can since I'll be kinda' MIA after the 19th. Two reasons why, the first one being: I'M GOING TO CAMP DO MORE 2012!!! :) If you have no idea what I'm talking about it's a 4 day event that Chalene Johnson (fitness instructor and the creator of Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, ChaLEAN Extreme... and more) holds every summer at The Hilton Hotel in Anaheim, California. I went once before in 2010 and was able to meet and take a photo with the Turbo queen herself. It's all about fun, fitness, self-empowerment, and meeting people who are just as crazy about health & fitness as you are! It's jam packed with exercise sessions, lectures, there's a fashion show, a dance party, and a team competition... it's AMAZING! Don't worry, I'll take plenty of picturess and I plan on writing a blog post about it soon after I get back. So that's reason number one for me being missing in action, number two is: I'm moving. Nothing major there. When you're renting you move often, but this time I'll be renting a town house, no neighbors above or beneath me so that should be cool. Between the vacation and the move right after I'll have very little access to the Internet (if any) for awhile so I've been trying to squeeze in as many blog posts and updates to the SAF (Succeed At Fitness) website and Facebook page as possible.

So... what should this blog post be about... hmm...I think this post is going to be about self-esteem. I basically just want to send out the message that the only one you should ever be competing with is yourself. Meaning, it doesn't help you, mentally or physically, to compare yourself to the next person. BE THE BEST YOU! And don't worry about anyone else! This just doesn't apply to physical fitness, but to everything in life. So your house isn't as "fancy" as hers, he can afford a new car and you can't, they're married and your single, she's skinny and you're struggling to drop a pound, he's popular and can make friends with anyone... why can't I? Any of that sound familiar? If so, don't feel bad, those feelings are called BEING HUMAN. We've all felt it before, the feeling of wishing/wanting what we don't have and the envy that comes along with seeing others have what we want. But don't let those feelings control your life or turn you into that person you don't want to be. You know the person I'm talking about, the catty, self-absorbed, jealous person that no one can stand being around because all they do is talk about other people. Don't let this be you! It can creep up on you quicker than you think! And if this sounds like you now, check yourself and make a change!

I can honestly say that there have only been a few times in my life that I've ever actually been jealous or envious of anyone. You know why? I was taught from a young age that anyone can have anything that the next person has, you just have to be willing to work for it. It doesn't pay to envy anyone because you have no idea what that person you're so jealous of is going through to achieve what to you may appear to come so naturally. And another thing, truth be told, sometimes what the next person has just isn't for you. I know that's never a popular school of thought but sometimes work as hard as you can, it's just not gonna' happen. We all have to learn to recognize these situations and accept them.
For example, let's take it back to fitness for a moment, you want a slamming Beyonce type body. Okay, you start eating right, hitting the gym, you may even hire a personal trainer. You start losing weight, getting slim, but wait! "Why don't I have the hour glass figure? Why isn't my butt that big? My body is more narrow. I wanna' look just like her!" Well, guess what? You remember that thing called "genetics"? Genetics says, unless you have plastic surgery, it's just not happening. And guess what? THAT'S OKAY! BE THE BEST YOU! And love yourself just the way you are! 

Don't get me wrong, I'm just like you, I'm not immune to feeling "imperfect" sometimes, but I try to remember that there is no such thing as "perfection". I'm learning to accept myself for who and what I am, improving upon myself where possible. That's the best I can do and my best is never "not good enough". I encourage you to do and feel the same.


  1. Nice article as usual. I can't believe we still have adults talking about going on diets and teaming up with a friend to see who loses the most weight by a certain date. But we still have to keep teaching coaching and counseling as many people as we can. I know I would look in the muscle magazines and I wanted those huge muscles I the guys with. That is years of hard work and sometimes enhancement drugs that got people to that level. So we have to best we can be along with doing the right things to reach our personal goals. Thanks, KB.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Keith. I agree with you completely. If people want to use certain other people as inspiration that's fine but you have to keep your expectations realistic. The best thing to do is to just try and be the best version of YOU that YOU can be! :)